Spiral Mixer – 2 speed


General Specification : –

  • CS50A spiral mixer.
  • Both the dough arm & bowl are running.
  • Equipped with protect cover.
  • Good looking
  • CS30A,CS40A,CS50A series spiral mixers are a new type of kneader
  • Both the dough arm and bowl are running, that it can raise the mixing speed and efficiency greatly.
  • The machines are equipped with protect cover, easy operable and safety.
  • They are good looking and easy clean, suitable for mixing flour in hotels, restaurants and public canteens.

Technical Specification : –

Model Specification Dimensions (mm)
CS50A 380V/50HZ two speed bowl vlume : 50L, mix capacity: 20kg 920x530x935
CS100 380V/50HZ two speed bowl vlume : 100L, mix capacity: 40kg 1160x650x1340
CS130 380V/50HZ two speed bowl vlume : 130L, mix capacity: 50kg 1222x750x1430
CS200 380V/50HZ two speed bowl vlume : 200L, mix capacity: 75kg 1332x950x1510